The Erskine Automobile: The first three pictures are of a 1929 Erskine that belongs to my uncle who bought it several years ago and restored it to its present condition. The pictures were taken at a family reunion in 1993 The next four pictures are of a 1930 that is owned by my cousin, Joe Edward Erskin. The pictures were taken at a 1998 Erskin family reunion. The other cars pictured were contributed to the site by various users. If you would like your Erskine included, please contact me.

1929 Erskine 1929 Erskine 1929 Erskine 1930 Erskine 1930 Erskine 1930 Erskine 1930 Erskine 1929 Erskine 1929 Erskine 1929 Erskine 1929 Erskine 1929 Erskine 1928 Erskine 1929 Erskine 1929 Erskine 1927 Touring Erskine 1929 Erskine

The next set of pictures are of the home of Albert Russel Erskine, the brains behind the Erskine Automobile. The first of this set is a sign that marks the home so visitors will know who the original owner was. Look closely at the third picture and you will see that the window panes are blue. Apparently Mr. Erskine was superstitious and he belived that the blue panes would promote good health. The last two pictures are of A.R. Erskine's crypt at Maple Hill Cemetery.

1929 Erskine 1929 Erskine 1929 Erskine 1930 Erskine 1930 Erskine 1930 Erskine 1930 Erskine

I took the next next set of pictures in 1995 while I was an exchange student at the University of Manchester in England. In order they are (1) Earl of Marr & Kellie Coat of Arms that came about as a result of the new Earldom created by Mary Queen of Scots. (2) The Erskin Bridge. I was expecting an old woodenfoot bridge. Boy was I surprized. (3) The main administration building of the Erskin Hospital. (4) The House on Broad Street also known as the Broad Street Wark. (5) Kildrummy Castle. In ruins now, it was once one of the finest examples of a medieval castle in Scotland. The ruins lay about 12 miles northeast of Strathdon. (6) Stirling Castle.Truely, one of the most beautiful sites in all of Scotland, perhaps in all of Britain. Inside the castle you will see pictures of a few of our ancestors. (7) The Erskin Tartan. As you know, each clan has their own unique pattern. What you may not know is that they have one pattern for dress and one pattern for hunting.

Coat of Arms Earl of Mar and Kellie Erskine Bridge Erskine Hospital House on Broad Street Kildrummy Castle Stirling Castle Erskine Clan Tartan